I have a client who is being really hard on herself because she came off her protocol 

She's beating herself up big time.

She thinks it proves the thought she started with - there's something wrong with me. 

She is consumed by failure.

But this is fantastic news.

You have to fail when you learn something new. Otherwise, you aren’t doing it properly. 

Everyone “knows” how to lose weight. I’m sure you’re the same. 

You know what you should be doing.

So why is it such a battle?

When we fail we make it mean THE END.

But you don’t know how to lose weight until you fail and you learn how to step through that failure.

That’s your quitting cycle. That’s what you have to learn to do. 

You have to learn how to handle your mind.

Losing weight, the scales are going to go up and they are going to go down. For sure.

When you know how to handle that. 

You’ve not just learnt the concept of losing weight.

You’ve learnt the application of losing weight. 

Very important.

My client will step through this. I can see it.

She’s in a little bit of drama now - but shell step through this, as the winner. 

Because she recognises that her brain is just wanting to do the same thing it’s done for the last 20 years.

And that’s quit. Her brain wants to - but she won’t. 

She’ll get the prize.

Be ok when you fail. Don't make it mean anything more than - outcome not delivered.

This is what weight loss using your mind is all about. It is being able to recognise all the thought patterns that come along with your particular style of quitting and allowing them to be there. Without running you.

When you can experience the emotion of failure and take action anyhow, you are on the very path to success .

Thanks for reading.