I thought I would give you a rundown on why conventional weight loss treats your brain like it's stupid and why my process does not. :)

When you go on a diet you stop doing something. You cease eating some things, you cease drinking some things. But your brain - the one you trained. Wants more information.

It wants to understand why you aren't doing what you usually do.

Meaning when you have the thought mmmm, there are biscuits in the pantry, why you aren't getting up to get them? Or when it offers you the thought - might as well finish off the Rosé, there's not even half a bottle left, your resisting filling your glass?

It will let you get away with it for a day, a week or even a month. But then it's like HEY - What are ya doin? And fair enough.

When you restrict food and wine which is what conventional dieting instructs you to do. You are making a demand on your brain without an explanation. And the brain doesn't like it. 

The prefrontal system of the brain. The advanced system, the goal-setting system. It is happy with direction.

But when you change or restrict food and wine, your limbic system, your survival system doesn't understand what's going on at all. And it doesn't like it. It is like a toddler in s supermarket that's had its lollies taken away from it. It throws a big old tantrum.

Now conventional dieting just keeps making demands. Demanding you to act through the tantrum with willpower or determination. Expecting that you just CAN. But when that will power dries up. Which it will. The natural desire to revert back to what you were doing returns. And you are back to square one.

That is literally why all the diets you try will backfire. At some point. And if you don't believe me. Have a look at your own history. You probably think some diets worked. But if they did you wouldn't be reading my emails.

Your brain wants an explanation. It wants to understand why you are changing your behaviour. It wants to understand how this behaviour will serve it. It needs lots of explanation. It needs to see itself in action. To see what lies underneath its own internal conflict. To see why it wants to do one thing. But then it does another.

Of course it does. Because it's a good, smart clever brain. That's has done lots of great things for you. When it understands the WHY!

So. On your own weight loss journey.  Do something that makes sense to your brain.  Make sure you understand what you are doing, and why. And just like you would if you were teaching a child. And keep it simple.  And be patient. And you will be rewarded with the implicit understanding of how to lose weight for you.

Thanks for reading. 


Now if what I am saying is making sense to your brain.  We should talk. I have just opened my waitlist for consult calls. If you would like to apply for one. Email me here. And I will tell you how I can teach you to lose weight, for good. Teach you properly. In a way that your brain really really understands. So that you can be the body size you want to be. Giving that brain of yours the eternal break it needs from having to THINK about losing weight ALL THE TIME.