Weight loss and the Law Of Attraction Part 2 Ok firstly, let's be clear I am not a wooo woo kind of a coach. Just because I talk about the Law Of Attraction and weight loss, I don't want you to think I wear purple and have a "magic happens" stuck on my car.

I want you to understand that just in case you started to tune out of these VERY IMPORTANT emails which would be a crying shame since you are here to learn how to lose weight using your mind. In my last teaching email, I demonstrated the Law of Attraction when it comes to weight loss. Your thoughts create your results. I asked you to find some of the thoughts that might be running along in your unconscious mind. Then I showed you how to run it through the Model so you could see the process that shows you how your thoughts create your results.   When I think about losing weight I think.... Nothing I try works, that makes me feel hopeless, which makes me go into complete avoidance, sit on the deck drink wine and eat cheese, which results in Nothing I try works. Did you do that? Read that post here. With that list of thoughts that you've captured - I want you to identify them as your Non Serving Weight Loss Thoughts. These are thoughts that come to you from your head that don't serve you achieving your results. I ask my clients to ask themselves all the time. Does that thought serve you? It's very beneficial for the brain to have a label for thoughts that aren't creating results. Use this simple hack to start to catch and shift you non serving thoughts. Non-Serving Weight Loss Thoughts It's never going to happen. This isn't going to work One won't hurt. It's not working. I'll fail. There is something wrong with me. Hack them like this. It's never going to happen......oh there's that thought again Here I am thinking.....This isn't going to work again One won't hurt....there's that thought again It's not workin... I'm thinking that thought again Here I am thinking I'll fail again. Here I am thinking There is something wrong with me again This might sound very simple, but if you do this, you will start to notice how monotonous and stuck your thinking is. So it leads the brain to a natural AH HA moment. Then you can begin to differentiate between the unconscious and the conscious thinking patterns. It also shifts the emotions that follow the thoughts. Try it on and see if you can spot the subtle difference. Alright. Get to work - start running your brain show. Next teaching, I shall explain where our beliefs come from. Have a sweeeet Tuesday. Maree PS Is it your time to shine? Procrastinating with weight loss is a life stealer. Having to lose weight is a gift. Its a call to action to get out and start living the life you are supposed to be in. Book a call with me below - and I will show you how.