I eat like a horse

It’s just the way I am

These are not my words, but they could have been. This is how a client described herself when we started working together.

Yesterday, she messaged me this:

!! It’s happening, just finished big family dinner - I left half a pile of food on my plate. I mastered my +2, feels so good. LOVE IT

All her life she had been telling herself and everyone around her what a big eater she was. She was totally convinced by her own story.

And the more she told the story, the more she believed and the more she ate.

But yesterday she tapped into her natural hunger signal and stopped eating. At a family dinner -  a big deal for her.

She has learnt to listen to her body and stop eating when her body tells her “we’re good”. It's not hard to do, but it takes practice.

This is how I taught her.

Her brain needed to know that she didn’t have to feel fear around being hungry anymore.

Her fear of hunger was just old survival thinking.

A primal response from her early brain system, triggered by her survival instincts.

While she carried extra weight, her body had plenty of access to food and couldn’t actually ever starve.

The next thing her brain needed to see was how she had been conditioned to override her natural hunger signals.

Which as it does for all of us, started at home.

For her, it was “finish what’s on your plate and don’t ever waste food”.

Well meaning parenting that starts the pattern, teaching us to override our natural signals.

Just showing her brain that logic was pretty freeing. Then I taught her the Hunger Scale [detailed below].

The Hunger Scale is a visual to help you identify what your hunger looks like.

This is how I explain it. In your mind take your brain to how your body feels when it is completely stuffed, so full you can hardly move.

This is  +10. For me, it’s after I’ve eaten Christmas lunch.

Then take your brain to the other end of the spectrum, to being absolutely starving, this is -10. Most of my clients struggle to really find this.

One client of mine says I was there once, 3 days of gastro. That works for most of my girls.

Next step is to find neutral on the scale. This is when you are not hungry and not full. Zero.

What you are aiming to do is to learning to eat at about a -2 and then most importantly, not to eat past  +2.   You will feel like you could for sure eat past +2 at the start. But as your recondition you brain - through practice the fear of hunger will be replaced by the feeling of freedom.  Try it and see. Maree

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