Hot with desire BABY

Over Desire.

The reason you eat and drink more than you want to is your over desire. Over desire creates a sense of urgency in your body that feels urgent and compelling. But have you noticed that you don’t over desire kale, tuna or cabbage salad?

No. You over desire foods like mmmm doughnuts, cheesecake and chardonnay.

So why is that?

Foods that are high in sugar are what I call concentrated foods. They are foods which hold a concentration of sugar. When you eat concentrated foods the sugar gives you a rush. Pretty much just the way a junkie gets a rush from a line of coke. When the sugar hits your blood stream it releases a chemical shower of dopamine and the brain remembers.

Your brain remembers what it has to think to get you doing it again.

God, what a day.
I have had enough.
Is it wine o’clock yet?

These kinds of thoughts create your feelings of desire. When you have those thoughts and you feel that desire and you reward that desire (by eating the things). You create a reward system by creating a neural pathway in your brain.

You know how people cut corners on the foot path and walk across the grass? And then all of a sudden the grass becomes as track.

Same thing with the desire reward system. Every time you repeat the reward you deepen it. So the desire you feel becomes totally automatic. And it ends up happening before you realise you drank the whole bottle. Or you ate the whole block.

But guess what? You can undo it. Just like when you reroute the foot traffic on the grass with some garden string. The grass grows back.

Every time you have a thought that creates desire. And you don’t react to it. You just allow it to be there. You begin to unwind the neural pathway. You begin to undo the desire for the behaviour until the desire disappears.

The beauty with this is willpower is not required. But the trick is not fight with the desire. It's to allow the desire. Allow it - notice it - give the brain a chance to see it - but just allow the feeling to be there. That means let the feeling be there, without doing anything with it.

It will begin to dissolve. Fizzle out.

We do allow desire to be in our body all the time. Think of when you have the urge to strangle someone. Do you do it? Nope. Same thing.

You let the desire be there.

This is the same thing. Your desire will go away. Not the first time. You have to get some practice in. But it will go away.

Try it. Do something small first. Like the third glass of wine. Or another strip of the chocolate. Build your strength and start to unwind you desire. It is so much easier than you would have thought.

Half the battle with the brain and weight loss is that we have never given any time to understand what going on. Instead, we just jump to the conclusion there is something wrong with us and we can't fixed.

But that ain't it kid. That ain't it!

Weight loss transformation has to happen in the mind before it happens in the body. This is the way our of deprivation and willpower. Out of trying and failing. And just not getting your results.