She got what she came for.

Her "why" for losing weight. Her compelling reason, when we boiled it down. Cut to the chase.  To be able to throw on a pair of skinny jeans and a Tshirt and just head out the door. Beautiful. Simple. Like fish cooked in butter.  Or rain on the roof.

It was the simplest of things to desire. 

But boy, it took her a while to get there.

TWENTY THREE years to be exact - she (my client)  worked out that she had been trying to get into those jeans for 23 years. (Not those exact jeans fyi - but you get the drift) That’s how many years she worked out she’d been screaming at herself to lose weight.  23 years, spinning in the dieting and exercising cycle, trying to lose her weight.

She said, “It’s been 23 years of hiding, of wearing, baggy tops and shitty jeans. 23 years of thinking “I have to lose weight, I need to lose weight, I'll never lose weight, and now it’s done.  And I can not believe it.”

But she did believe it. I know that. That's how she got there.  She went from not believing to believing. That's exactly how she got there.

The first time I spoke to her on her consult call. I knew straight up why she couldn’t lose weight. She didn’t believe she could lose weight. She couldn't believe it. She collected all here failure in the past and made it mean she couldn't lose weight. So she thought she couldn't believe. She did not believe. She had no belief. And that’s exactly what was keeping her stuck.

Beliefs are thoughts repeated over and over again.

Unconscious thoughts repeated over and over again create negative belief systems. Conscious thoughts, thought over and over again create progressive belief systems. Progressive belief systems move you to your results, they come from authentic thoughts that feel grounded and good, that authenticity makes taking action easy. 

The good news is, belief is not something you wait to get. It’s something you learn to create. It's a skill. Something you can learn. It is not a mantra, let me say the again, it is not a mantra, mantras are lazy, wear purple,  they rely on hope, and they have no action plan. And no place when it comes to losing weight.

But beliefs. They're the ticket.

Did you get that? Do you want me to say it again?

In short. To lose weight. (Or to get anything you want) You have to believe that you can. And if you don’t, (which you don't if you don’t have your result yet) that’s where to begin your work. (Or we begin our work)  In order to lose weight easily, without the pain & fear of failure you have to learn how to believe.  

My client learnt how to believe, she learnt the skillset of creating new beliefs. And now she wears skinny jeans. 

It took 23 years alone and 16 weeks with me.  (Teaching belief is one of my coach superpowers) 

And like a bat out of hell. Or a dove from a cage. (Ahh idioms) She is free. 

And you, Maree?  Where are you at?  What do you believe about losing your weight?

Do you want to talk about it, with me? Do you want help? I will get you skinny jeans.