Today you and I are talking about beliefs, what they are and why understanding them may be at the core of what's stopping you getting results, in any area of your life.  I’ve been investigating my own beliefs systems lately, and as I share with you've discovered. 

So to start, a belief is a collective term for thoughts we think over and over again. Around something we decide is a truth.  They are inherited, they are cultural and social. And they are such a part of our daily life that we very rarely question them. In fact, mostly we don't recognise that they are there. They just are. But our beliefs shape our lives. And drive our destiny.

We believe in God, in what's right and wrong, in climate change, in right-wing politics or justice. When we believe in something. There is no question. But the thing about beliefs is,  we don’t always realise that our beliefs are not us.  They are separate from us - if we want.

In fact, we think our beliefs are true and the way it is and should be. Which is also fine.  Unless you are stuck. And you want a different result. And you feel like your struggling against something unseen, trying to get a result. And you feel like you have tried everything. More than likely, it an unchecked belief system rolling in the background.  A belief ceiling.

In my practice, every day I see unchecked belief systems all the time. I have to eat three meals a day. Natural sugar is good for you. Losing weight is really hard. Nothing comes easy.

For my clients, these thoughts are true. Forming their belief system. Shaping their destiny. Unchecked and driving the show.

Now you might agree with all those thoughts. So you think that makes them right. But does it?  But just because they had them. And you agree? Could you find someone else that thinks differently - that would argue NO. Hell yes.

Which brings me to my next point. It's really hard to discover our own belief systems because we are so close to them. And then If we do discover them. We feel challenged because our brain - that has been thinking that thought over and over again for years. Doesn't want to be wrong. 

We - our brain - we - well, we like to be certain.  Always. Who likes to be wrong?   Noone, It's confronting and challenging. And when we feel like this our brain - we- immediately look for evidence that we are right. Which we can find, of course. 

Because our beliefs unite us with our tribe.  That’s how we find like-minded people.  People that think like us.  Because that’s what we like because we want to belong.  People that all think like us - believe like us.

That's why we go to church or go to yoga or barrack for a footy team. We all belong by believing the same thing. We are the same. We are united by belief.

Understanding this helps us be bold enough to question what we do believe.  And in doing so, we are able to identify systems that may be holding us back.

One of the beliefs that I have discovered about myself is that I had a ceiling cap on what I can have in this life.

I have lots of amazing things in my life. And I am really grateful for everything I have.

My husband, my dog, my business, my home, my garden my fruit trees and my brain. But I realised that I have felt like I couldn’t want more.  I had a belief that if I did I would be punished in some way.  That wanting more  was greedy or selfish.

That’s a non serving belief.

Even writing this makes me feel a little queasy. But that's what questioning your beliefs does. But it’s good. Discomfort means change. Why can't I dream a bigger life for myself? It’s my brain, my time, my life.

I am in the process of working on my belief that my life can be even more magnificent. And working through the feeling that I might get struck down by lighting for being bigger than my boots.  Is really real for me. But that's ok. Because I am willing to lift the ceiling on my belief systems.

Where are you? What do you think you might believe that doesn’t serve you?  Ask yourself, what is the result that you want in this life and why don’t you have it?  The thing that is stopping you will be a belief with a ceiling. 

Have a beautiful week. 


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